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Written by mjacobson   

This is one recipe that you will never ever forget!!!  You will not find a better tasting lemonade on the planet.  I make this drink a lot during the warmer months and especially for family and friends who can't believe the awesome taste.  There is absolutely NO added sugar in this recipe just good ole wholesome fruit.  So enough with my touting of this favored drink and onto the goods.

Worlds Best Lemonade

  • Ingredients:
  • 4 apples
  • 1 lemon


You must have a juice extractor to make this.  Split the apples into quarters or whatever fits into your juicer and juice the four apples.  Next slice the lemon into three or four slices and then juice on top of the apples.  Stir and Walah!  The best lemonade in the world!  Tip: I tend to like my lemonade kind of tart so the basic recipe is how I make it.  If you like it less tart just use less lemon.

This drink is loaded with nutrients from bioflavinoids to pectin.  So make a glass and kick back poolside.  Keepin' it healthy, yea baby.

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